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To directly book an appointment for a consultation and assessment, please contact the above number or send an email enquiry. If referred by a doctor, we will contact you after receiving the referral letter.


Normally, a GP or other Specialist will make a referral.

Self-referrals are accepted provided that you have seen your GP or a Specialist for the painful problem already. Serious problems (for example tumours, infections or a fracture) should have been excluded before commencing pain relief treatment. If you are self-referring it is necessary to contact your GP or other treating doctors for information about your medical history and results of investigations. Your GP will also receive a written report about the consultation and treatment plan to be kept up to date about your condition and treatment. Your medicines will be managed by your GP. If you have Private Health Insurance cover, a GP referral is usually required by your Insurer - please contact your Insurance Company.

Preparing for a consultation

It helps to bring as much information as you have about your condition, like investigations, previous treatments and their outcomes as well as an up-to-date list of medicines. It is useful to also prepare a list of medicines you have tried in the past.

If you had X-ray, CT, MRI or other scans done in St. Mary's Hospital since 2006 these will be available for viewing in clinic via computer systems. If done elsewhere this isn't possible so please bring copies of scans (films, CD/ DVD) or a report if you have got copies.

What will happen during a consultation

Prior to your consultation, you will be asked to complete a self-scoring form about some aspects of your pain. This will help to monitor changes over time and rate you response to treatment.

We look at your pain symptoms in detail, taking into account outcomes from available investigations like scans etc. A physical examination is done to find out more about sources of your pain.

This allows to make a "working diagnosis", which will be explained so that you can make better sense of what's going on and what the outlook is.

After looking at what has already been done, available treatment options will be explained and a tailored treatment plan agreed with you.


The fee for a consultation is £180.

Cancellation policy

For appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the full fee is charged.

The information given on this website is meant to support a medical pain specialist appointment. It should not be taken as stand-alone universal advice and may be incomplete or unsuitable for your specific circumstances. It cannot replace medical assessment and advice, and should not be used as such. The website is operated from the UK and meant for UK residents.

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